Lip Gloss Base On The Lips

Our lip gloss base is a hydrocarbon gel, made using hydrogenated polyisobutene as the base. Mixing well in oil, it's a versatile ingredient that can be used in colour cosmetics, body and personal care. This simple emollient improves emulsion stability, and makes a for a great replacement in personal care formulations for mineral oils.


lip gloss improves lip moisture

Our Lip Gloss Base has the added benefit of being an extremely great source of hydration to the lips. The raw base is able to increase lip moisture by up to 61% in the timespan of a week. It also had other cosmetic related effects;

Plumpness of lips - increased by 45%
Lip Lines - decreased by 62%
Scaling from dry lips - decreased by 27%
Cracking from dry lips - decreased by 22%