How To Grow Your Social Media Audience

It goes without saying that having a healthy sized social media audience is good for your brand and sales. People like being part of the crowd and that brand validation can make you look more trustworthy. But the question is, how do you get people to follow you? 

Connect with your audience

Brand growth tends to be slower than that of public figures, because it's easier to connect and empathise with a person than faceless company. In order to overcome that, knowing and communicating what your brand values are is extremely important. Whether it's being environmentally conscious, the production process, body positivity, the generation you were born in or the love for the colour pink, people need something to connect to. Figure out what your ideal customer is, think about the things that they could relate to and let those things seep into every aspect of your online presence. Spend some time on your favourite platforms looking at the profiles of successful brands, and try and notice the connection they foster with their audience. 

It's all about looks

Your social media presence is an extension of your brand, and it's super important that you incorporate this into your entire online presence. As much as possible, use the same fonts, colours and brand voice consistently on your website and social accounts - the aim is for people to be able to easily recognise you regardless of whatever platform you're on. A classic example of consistent brand voice is a tagline or phrase you always use, or it can be as simple as always using the same emojis! When it comes to colours, it's a good rule of thumb to stick with around three - one for backgrounds, one for headings, one for text. You can use lighter or darker shades of the same colours to spice things up a bit, but the most recognisable brands are the ones that always use the same fonts & colour family across all media. As people move across social platforms they will recognise you and be more inclined to follow!

Stick with what you know

Find a platform you're good at and stick with it. Some people are great at YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, and know exactly how to work those algorithms and expand their reach organically. Once you make a name for yourself on one platform, it becomes easier for people to find and follow you on other platforms without much effort on your part. 
All social media have different types of content that make their algorithms happy, and you need to figure out what kind of content works well for you on the platform of your choice. Once you know what works well, exploit it! Keep posting the same type of content over and over until the growth slows down or the follower fatigue kicks in. Find the next type of content that works with your brand that the algorithm will favour and keep going! 

Influencer Shoutouts

Working with influencers can be tricky. They want a lot of your money and you're most certainly not guaranteed results. If you chose to work with influencers, you need to make sure your profile is as tantalising and engaging as possible so those curious people will stick around. Be sure to work with a person who actually suits your brand, and whose followers would actually be interested in what you have to offer. Many influencers have their agency email address in their bios, and you'd be surprised how many are open to free gifts if you ask in the right way.

Giveaways can be a trap

Giveaways can be a useful tool for social media growth, but only if used sparingly and with a very good strategic plan. You don't want to fall into the engagement trap where people only interact with your content if they can get something for free. If engagement suddenly drops because your giveaway is over, algorithms may eventually stop favouring your accounts and may even banish you to shadow ban hell. 
A giveaway becomes useful when you already have a number of followers as they can get the momentum going. Doing a giveaway with just a hundred followers isn't going to provide you with much value, because the cost of the giveaway will probably be greater than what those people can bring you. A good way to get around this is to partner with an influencer, but you'd need to take the cost of their fee into consideration too.
When drafting a giveaway you need to ask yourself "what is the end goal?". For the consumer the prize is whatever you're giving away, but you need to make sure you can extract even more value. Make the giveaway engaging in some way, whether it's with a quiz or game, and make the cost of entry a story repost, or a like on Facebook. There are really good giveaway software out there that can help you build a good giveaway for you and your fans.

And of course it goes without saying, post regularly, post time at the same time every time, and take good pictures, but we all know that already!